Volunteer for AT-Info-Map

  • Are you passionate about disability mainstreaming, in particular issues pertaining to accessibility and assistive technology?
  • Do you take pleasure in performing acts of kindness, freely giving of your talent, time, and effort for a simple fulfillment of community expectations?
  • Are you willing to serve voluntarily in your own community for the benefit of persons with disabilities and the society at large?
  • Do you believe in the concept of “active participation” in the life of a community?

If the answer to all or any of the questions above is yes, then the Assistive Technology Information Mapping (AT-Info-Map) can offer you with an opportunity to serve.

The plan for this 3-year project was designed in such a way that it would eventually scale up to nine other countries after piloting for one year in Botswana, where the lead implementing partner on the ground, the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD), is headquartered.

The first year has so far involved designing and testing the technology system with small groups of participants, including suppliers, rehabilitation officers, Disabled Peoples Organizations, Government officers, and other stakeholders. The rationale has been to ensure it is useful and understandable by persons with disabilities, organizations involved in supplying AT, and other relevant stakeholders.

Now that the project is about to scale up to the other countries (namely, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, and Namibia) based on the lessons being learned and documented from Botswana, we will be seeking to engage local volunteers or interns within the communities in the ten countries where the project intends to focus, who can help with implementing different activities or tasks at community levels. The project will involve, among other things, training and raising awareness about AT within communities, as well as training community potential users on how to use the App.


The AT-Info-Map welcomes young interns and/or volunteers with background in the following areas:

  1. Human Rights
  2. Disability studies
  3. Journalism
  4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Community Development

Or should you happen to possess any other qualification not mentioned above but you believe you have the skills to serve, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk.

The project may also seek to enter into formal agreements with some of the key local and international colleges/universities who may be interested to attach their students to the project in the aforementioned countries.

Terms of reference / job description may vary depending on the nature of tasks required in each country at a given time. To learn more about the specific job description for each potential volunteer/intern, please feel free to contact us.

Depending on the need and nature of tasks, there may also be opportunities to volunteer with us online without having to physically travel or stay with us.