Donate to At-Info-Map Project

What are our current challenges?

SAFOD, AfriNEAD, Dimagi and University of Washington want to continue implementing our unique program, the AT-Info-Map, beyond the three-year lifespan. To do that, we need to find means of ensuring that we are able to meet the costs associated with running the programme, one of which is relates to the hosting no for the App by Dimagi.

In addition, we have an obligation to ensure that the community partners (DPOs, rehabilitation offices, etc.), especially those who live and work in under-resourced environments where internet access is challenge, are provided the necessary requirements and/or tools which this project doesn’t currently cover. That includes internet data, Android phones.


What we need and how will the donations be used?

However, we need your help to do so! Your donation will go toward covering expenses such as the following:

  • Procuring internet data
  • Android phones for our local partners
  • Supporting the daily needs of our community volunteers who are involved in running the project activities.
  • Hosting of the App after the current 3-year contract with Google.

The lead implementing partner on the ground, SAFOD is a non-profit entity supported by local and international donors, other fundraising efforts, and by community well-wishers like you. This is why we are asking for YOUR HELP.

Every contribution, however, small, is critical to the success of our projects.


Details to donate will soon be added to the page.